Saturday, June 20, 2009

The utility of this blog... now approximately zero. Epsilon can be important, but I have delta's to catch.

I'm closing up shop - Arare Litus was an enjoyable and useful study for me.

The goal of 100 posts on the blog will soon be done (this, #99, is my last post - #100 is a guest post responding to my coalitions & democracy arc).

I've used "Arare Litus" to try to improve my writing/arguing a bit, to consider economics in more detail, and, in general, as as a "living experiment".

Time for Arare to go back solely to the Platonic realm.

Goodbye Arare, sweet dreams.

litmus test

Pete Boettke discusses 21st Century Economic Methodology, where he is critical of the positive science approach to economics.

This seems to be an idea litmus test of Austrians - what do they actually believe, and what support do they have for it. I've taken the position of positive science - easy to do, since I really believe it - and I am attempting to get clarifications of just how Austrians break from this: this is the litmus test, where do Austrians stand? It appears that they are simply taking a reactionary and stylistically critical stance against positivism, but is this simply unclear communication and "they" have clear and productive (positive?) and informed methods other than positivism up their sleeves? To me all the useful and communicable (i.e. meaningful) fruits of Austrians are their positive efforts. Are Austrians lagging due to an unproductive fascination with metaphysics?

I look forward to understanding Austrians better - they are an interesting case study....